Top Dehumidifier Tips

Where should I put my Dehumidifier?

I always recommend placing your Dehumidifier in a central location in your house if possible – such as a corridor, landing area, or at the bottom of your stairs. If you have a particular room in your house which you are more concerned about, you can place the Dehumidifier directly into this room – however it is worth remembering that you will get the best overall house dehumidification if placed in a central location.

Is there anywhere I should avoid placing my Dehumidifier?

Try not to place your Dehumidifier near any radiators, and if possible I would not recommend placing them in a corner of a room, as this can reduce their effectiveness.

How often should I empty my Dehumidifier?

When you first get your Dehumidifier, you might find that it collects as much as 2 containers of water per day. However, once the humidity levels have been reduced this will becomes less frequent. Also, don’t worry about your Dehumidifier overflowing – all Ebac dehumidifiers will stop operating once the container is full and you’ll be alerted that it requires changing.

Do I need to keep my Dehumidifier switched on?

Yes – there is no reason why you should not leave you Dehumidifier switched on. All Ebac Dehumidifiers have sensors which detect the levels of moisture in the air, and only switch on when required – similar to a thermostat and central heating system.

What mode should I run my Dehumidifier on?

All our Dehumidifiers have a number of modes – and the one that I would recommend using (if your model has it) is SmartControl™. This mode is exclusive to Ebac Dehumidifiers and will automatically adjust according to your lifestyle. However, when you first get your Dehumidifier, you might want to consider running it on ‘Continuous’ mode for the first 24 hours or so to quickly reduce the humidity levels initially.

Do I need to maintain my Dehumidifier?

Maintenance of your dehumidifier is very simple. Generally you won’t need to worry about it, but I would recommend that you change the Filters every few months.