Protecting Your Classic Car with a dehumidifier

If you own a classic, vintage or collectors car or your sports car is simply your pride and joy you will no doubt spend hours washing and polishing your car to protect it from rust and corrosion. However, you might not know that by using a Dehumidifier you can protect your car from rust and corrosion.

Ebac have a simple solution, a dehumidifier placed in your garage or storage unit will remove excess moisture from the atmosphere, without moisture the chemical reactions which lead to rust and corrosion cannot occur. A dehumidifier will also remove excess moisture from the upholstery preventing musty smells which can sometimes occur if you car is kept in storage for long periods of time.

Why do I need a Dehumidifier for my Garage?

A dehumidifier will remove all this excess moisture from the atmosphere – which has many benefits. As it prevents moisture from entering your walls, a dehumidifier will help to prevent damp – which can be very expensive to repair. It also prevents growth of mould spores and ensures that the air is cleaner and healthier.

Not only this, if you own a Classic Car – a dehumidifier will remove moisture from the atmosphere that may have otherwise caused rusting and corrosion to the car. An investment in an Ebac dehumidifier will keep your car in pristine condition helping maintain its value and allowing you to go on enjoying it for years to come.


All Ebac dehumidifiers are specially designed for the European Climate, unlike our competitors who import their units from temperate countries. Our dehumidifier also feature our patented Smart Control, Hydrophilic Coils, and a larger Extraction Rate than other dehumidifiers. An additional feature of Ebac dehumidifiers is that they all contain a permanent drainage facility which allows the dehumidifier to be left operating at all times.